10 December 2015

Cerebral Cleansings

It could be argued that every person who has ever lived has been indoctrinated in some way.

The scale judging whether the indoctrination has been good, bad or indifferent is vast, and widely debatable.

The manner a child is raised by parents or guardians establishes the foundation of how the child views others and the world around them.

If a child has been taught to see all people as individuals, not according to ethnicity, religion, material possessions or group affiliation, they may be apt to be objective when meeting new people and discussing foreign or new ideas.

In contrast, if a child has been taught to be suspicious of certain people, hate a particular category of people or to see as less than human a particular ethnic or religious group, that child may have difficulty ever looking beyond their already formulated judgments of others.

Sadly, these fixed mindsets are heard speaking from their heart in mainstream media outlets the world over.

The religion a child is introduced to is another layer upon the foundation initiated by the parents.

Going further, the particular flavor of doctrinal and dogmatic highlights of the specific sect of any given religion overshadows the view from above; considering all things.

Society and culture, along with political overtones in media and in the workplace, further the layers of ever-present mental realities onto the child.

People are like soundboards.

The daily experiences a parent has outside the home is usually brought home for the listening ears to absorb.

It is the extreme, uncomfortable and encapsulated cases in life that can be easily called “brainwashing.”

These are viewed, from those outside the capsule, as unacceptable and overt.

It is a subtle and perhaps acceptable, or deeply seeded and generational program sort of brainwashing, that is typical and most prevalent.

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