15 December 2015

Overcoming And Relieving Thorns

Have you ever heard “sometimes, all you can do is pray”?

Isn't prayer the first thing one should do?

If a fire is sparked and looks to possibly get out of control, do you just sit back and watch thinking a single bucket of water would work once the fire is out of control?

You act immediately, right?

Same response should happen when something adverse sparks in our hearts, our minds and our lives.

Things trigger our mood, faith, thought patterns, perceptions and eventually the words we may use in describing ourselves, others and the world around us.

We can sometimes be too distracted, too busy and too focused on our physical reactions but not the bigger picture.

At times we cannot look past our nose while claiming seeing for miles.

We think we see clearly.

We suppose we've been doing all the right things, saying the right things and still, we wonder why issues arise.

Yet, the Way is driven by prayer.

The Path is revealed when prayers are invoked.

Prayer is relinquishing your thoughts to God.

Prayer is submitting your self before Him who created you.

Prayer is not repeating phrases, yet these initially help develop a dialogue with Eternity.

Prayer is your authorship in expressing your individual emotions, doubts, dirt, frailty and intimate thoughts to He who already knows what you are going to say.

Prayer is powerful.

He's watching, listening and loving you the entire time.

He's also been waiting patiently for you to finally give up your ways, your manners and your arrogance, and speak to Him.

Prayers is not what the religious have made it out to be; held for specific places, buildings, times, clothes and physical positions.

If God knows your innermost and hidden thoughts, you can pray to Him from there.

God desires your heart, not how well you can be a religious clone.

Imagine saying the same words to your friend or loved one every time you speak with them.

Your friend will never get to know what is really going on in your heart.

Although God knows your heart and mind, it is us who need to spill out our hear and mind so we know exactly who we are and the condition of our hearts.

Many are fearful of being in His Presence, but God desires to draw your self out.

Some feel relieved if they yell out their heart's storms from the shoreline, or from a mountain top, or from a soundproof room (hopefully it is soundproof).

Some also experience relief when they have finally submitted the load their heart or mind has been carrying, and finally ask He who moves mountains and makes something out of nothing, to take their load.

And, after prayer has performed its useful purpose, the issue(s) seems to be perhaps another insignificant thing humans typically worry about, but has no hold on those heaven-bound.

Prayer can take seconds, to minutes to hours... and happens day and night, not according to religion's rules.

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