16 December 2015

We're All Birds Of A Feather, But Few Ever Take Flight

I come across people from almost every imaginable walk of life on practically a daily basis.

Of course, I haven't met people from every nation under heaven, nor from every language or every imaginable tribe, but what the United States is in being a haven for the various peoples of the world, I have had quite the colorful experience thus far.

I sometimes converse, break bread and debate with some of the most wealthy and some of the poorest people of this city.

These friends are retirees, entrepreneurs, laborers, millionaires, welfare recipients and homeless.

The demographic changes depending on which coffee shop I visit, or which other proprietor I patronize, or which paths I traverse.

I come across people who are deeply troubled in mind, heart and spirit.

What someone would call insane, crazy or mental disabled.

Yet, mental instabilities are not monopolized by the downtrodden.

Mental illness is categorized as 'eccentric' in the wealthy or affluent, but why argue over words.

Some of these friends are what is commonly termed atheists, agnostics, irreligious, overtly religious, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, New-Agers, the religion of science or some other definition of the world around them.

Most, regardless of economic status or occupation, are swayed by the mainstream news media, as if a monotonous megaphone is persistently feeding them the narrow narrative.

Only those who have next to nothing are unplugged from the media's influence.

They have quite a different world experience than most others; at arms length, within eyesight and earshot.

Yet, all of these dear friends of mine acknowledge fear and the reality of their finite mortality.

These friends don't desire to have nothing more than the opportunity to thrive and be left alone in pursuit of their dreams, however ambitious or simple those dreams may be.

May Peace envelop them.

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