12 December 2015

Strength In Self Or From Above?

What motivates you?

The following message transcends all religions:

Many are the things, concepts or ideas that motivate humanity.

Depending on your upbringing, parents, religion, political leaning and external cultural programmings, your motivations in and for life may vary considerably from the motivations of your distant cousins throughout the world.

Fear motivates some people to be religious, to acquire weapons and support certain people who implement religious and/or stricter laws.

Wealth motivates some people to do almost all and everything necessary to gain material definitions of wealth and riches, even pushing religion onto others.

Some folks are motivated by things that speak to their heart, like love, a good feeling from doing good things and other notions which, at times, transcend the strife and conflict evident in the world.

Fear of death, either inflicted by the government through a secular set of rules or religiously based dictations, motivates people to behave.

Yet people still do as they please, seemingly not afraid of human or divine justice.

Does fear of punishment motivate people into doing what is lawfully, legally or religiously correct, or stop them from doing the opposite?

Rape, murder and thievery exists in every single community on the face of the planet, regardless of religious or secular laws in place.

If you think these do not exist, you may not be looking closely or, you may somehow accept when these things happen as something allowed or okay by your culture.

People are used to judging according to perception, not according to actual definitions according to light's clarity.

Since religious and secular laws are typically extensions of prior cultures and supposedly divinely/mythically inspired writings, the human stamp of interpretation is a heavy influence over most laws.

What is quite disconcerting, and quite phenomenal (in a complicated and dissonant way) is how what is unconscionable for someone can be “right” for another person.

For some people, killing another human being for any reason, is categorically wrong with no justification; not even self defense.

In other words; there is never any justification for extinguishing human life.

For others, one or several justifications are logically concluded.

This slope steepens as people further their justifications.

For some, an insult is a basis for death.

Can God not defend Himself or His children/faithful?

If God is able, why do men magnify their physical efforts?

Is God not able to save?

Is God not able to bring justice, or defend, or correct culture's waywardness?

Look at your religion's history, or your culture's growth, or how your nation came to exist.

Was it not by blood shed?

Was it not by some method of force?

How about your religion?

Did your religion come by way of force?

Do you keep your religion for fear of consequence from humans if you depart?

Does your religion have laws in place that allow men to punish those who turn their back on religion?

If God is Judge and over all things, does God need people to fight for God's cause?

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