28 December 2015

Growing Deeper With Others

T.M.I. is Too Much Information for those who type shorthand via digital messaging.

Not everyone is ready to speak on things which are near to their heart, or things which challenge their heart and mind.

Conversations about personal things are topics I live for.

If you lead a conversation in discussing the personal, don't be surprised when others are not ready, or unwilling, or feel uncomfortable.

For some of us, it takes some time to feel comfortable discussing that which we may have been ashamed to admit at one time, or things which we still grapple with.

What is always amazing is to share the human experience and relate to others.

Although many of us have led vastly different lives, we all have many more things in common than we may initially believe.

In sharing one's triumphs, failures, fears, faith, disappointments, hopes and both the mundane and atypical life experience, there is much to learn... not only about others, but about ourselves.

We are not alone with the feelings passing over our hearts and through our minds.

When a comedian isn't afraid to share his most ridiculous thoughts on a stage, and people aptly laugh at those ridiculous things, you know very well that those laughing relate to and understand what the comedian is talking about.

A certain liberation is realized when what may be heavy on our hearts is shared.

Not all audiences are able to listen or be supportive, so discretion as to the amount and depth of sharing needs heeding.

Some young people are able to freely share their challenges as well as their joys, some are not.

The same goes for some older people who may have yet to grow out of the fear of revealing too much or exposing their insecurities.

Love brings out trust.

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