17 February 2016

Black In America; We Are Life; We All Matter

Please peruse the following links thoroughly to learn how, against insurmountable odds, by hope, faith and perseverance, men overcame what seemed impossible at the time.

Read the entire article about an early representative, Joseph Rainey, and his amazing life journey.

Read the long list of men who overcame slavery, social injustice and social indifference to gain for themselves, and many who identify with them, a better standing in society.

Search also the many online sources sharing inventions, efforts and accomplishments of people who focused their energy, mind and heart on making something of themselves, not allowing hatred or indifference depict their life's outcome.

As I was growing up, I desired to 'be' something exciting, or something that would garner attention and notoriety from others.

Sports athlete, musician, actor and many other very popular and seemingly exciting occupations were on my heart when I was younger.

As I began taking a closer look at life, and myself, I began to understand the reasons I was desiring to 'be' these things; mostly according to what others thought, believed and opined.

Some of the occupations I previously desired reflected my vanity and insecurity at that time; I was actually limiting myself because I believed some other vocations / occupations were either not “cool” enough or not exciting, besides having a limited vision regarding how far I could go or what I was capable of achieving.

I am not saying that any particular one of these occupations is dishonorable, worthless or meaningless.

What I am saying is that they, after much consideration, were not for me.

I am saying that for this man, after soul-searching and much consideration, I found that I had pursued certain vocations for the wrong reasons.

Such may not be the case for others, for we are all endowed with different gifts, talents and strengths.

It doesn't bother me I didn't become a great athlete, but for some, it may bother them greatly.

It doesn't bother me I am not some famous rock star or honored actor, but for some, not attaining such a goal would bother their heart.

The key is to have you heart in the right place, I think.

Know exactly why you pursue what you are pursuing.

Are you ONLY capable or able to become a ___________ (your ideal occupation) ?

What I am saying, and suggesting, is for the reader to pursue your ambitions according to a good heart.

Be open to a higher calling that may initially seem less amazing, or not as glamorous, but may be a higher calling when considered.

You may very well find yourself pursuing something that will make a greater and lasting impact beyond fads and the changing tastes of popular culture.

Remember, what are today termed “actors” were termed jesters and fools in times past.

I use this term as they were called, not as an insult, so you may consider the meanings of things.

There have been some very influential entertainers, but not every entertainer has impacted their community like a statesman, council member or school teacher can or has.

Also, not every statesman has been a positive influence in their community, as some actors may have been.

There have been many great entertainers, but not every entertainer has been an example of character and strength, like a parent, relative, pastor or social leader can.

There have been many athletes that have broken athletic records, but are they not simply playing a game, after all?

In the greater scope of things, what does a winning record for a game have to do with anything?

Perhaps one day, every “American” will not see themselves according to their ancestry, but their merits, their character and their contribution to the world, no matter how famous or infamous it may be.

Perhaps one day, every human being on earth, as a child of God, as a fellow relative of each other, will not see themselves according to their nationality, religion, ethnicity, and some exterior identity, but according to the magnificent creation they are... and in Whose image they've been fashioned.

Then the entertainer can appreciate the work and position of the statesman as the statesman will appreciate what the entertainer brings to light regarding life's challenges.

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