15 February 2016

Many Ways Confusing The WAY

Men have been taught by other men and are led to misplace their faith into very narrow doctrines, not realizing God's grace, God's love and the mystery of Christ in men.

Men misunderstand that the Way is lived by faith, focusing on loving God and people... not by adhering to religious rules and being a spiritual police officer to others.

There is a time to warn people of sin, and hell-fire and the consequences of disobedience to the Way of love... but when certain brands of the gospel are centered around fear, the Way is confused and warped.

God's sovereignty, what God has done, what God has built upon the earth and what God continues to do is unseen; religion becoming a consequence and people judging others according to group association.

When fear is used as a means to convert others, people shouldn't be surprised when hearers do not care to follow such ways that are empty of love.

Some are so legalistic ( “but the bible doesn't say such and such” ), so materialistic in their reasoning, they are practically hating those they are called to love by first condemning instead of leading with love.

These are captive to a teaching based on human logic.

Logic makes no sense of the teaching to “love your enemy”.

Such as these have little practical faith in God.

These fail to realize the manner God holds His invisible kingdom together and works through all people, teaching and admonishing His children via sheep and goats, not only those having pride in their particular brand of Christianity or pushing a doctrine they seem to worship as a god.

If the law is summarized by Christ as loving God with your entire being and loving and treating others as yourself...

If salvation is by grace ( God's choice ) outside of man's effort to save himself, while God also calls man to imitate Christ ( man's choice of obeying the Way of love )...

Where is the religious argument to be any other way other than being a loving example of Christ... even going as far as loving your enemy?

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