19 February 2016

Is Voting Of Spiritual Consequence?

Since the human being is fallible, voting or choosing someone to speak on your behalf will always render failure to some degree ( a fallible person, making mistakes, not being perfect, etc ).

This is why people have the choice, or semblance of a choice according to one's heart and conscience, to obey and follow the Christ or obey and follow themselves, other human beings ( which again, are fallible ), etc.

What is interesting is how when Christ walked the earth, there was no such thing as 'voting' for those under oppression or subject to Rome ( that time's empire ).

Jesus, as was the entire Jewish community, was born under oppression and had no 'choice' in some matters regarding their daily lives... and those who did represent the interests of the people, the religious leaders / local political positions, were hired hands, only protecting their lofty positions and being hypocrites, beholden to Roman rule out of fear and hopelessness.

What has changed since then?

Didn't the faith permeate that time's empire?

Didn't many influential believers find themselves in positions of power, both privately and publicly ( public office ).

What was the outcome of the rise of the faithful into the mechanisms of the Roman state?

Laws changed... one law in particular was outlawing the killing of Christians by both the state and individuals.

Looking back at how the kingdom of heaven, having come in Christ and now existing among the believers by way of His Holy Spirit, does the believer not see how God's kingdom has conquered the kingdoms of the world... and continues to do so?

So, to equate not 'voting' or not choosing someone to continue the work of altering, changing, building and constructing the kingdoms of men until they have become the kingdom of the Lord ( Revelation 11: 15 ), is to not see what God has done for the past 2,000 years, nor to realize the believer's role in serving his fellow man; both the believer AND the heathen / pagan / non-believer... in both private and public life... as did the believers in the first and subsequent centuries!

Do not many who are reading this go to work every day for others who are not perfect, who may have very different interests than yourself, or believe in God differently or in no god at all??

Do you have a choice or not in your interaction with your boss, your company or your associates?

Does not your voice allow you Today to speak what is on your heart?

Since we are in the world to affect the world as living sacrifices, why is there an idea that being on the sidelines is exactly what God wants you to do?

Is your calling to be the example of Christ for others ( letting your light shine ) or simply a silent clone of ineffectiveness?

To choose to allow wickedness to flourish, in deciding not to at least put one's hand to the plow in the manner you've been made ( either as an honorable statesman, a laborer, a preacher or a the person who may cast the final vote that will correct the direction of things )... is to be faithless, I think, and not see what God has established for you.

I think choosing to be silent or inept, is to be silent when Christ would speak, or to be slumbering when you are to be in the field planting seed.

Choosing to correct waywardness is to choose life, to choose community ( like the book of Acts depicts ), to choose peace and unity, not war and strife.

It is no mistake that Rome eventually capitulated to the faith... but will the faith now capitulate to today's Rome?

Christ was not pursuing a political career, yet His message changed the political landscape and continues to do so... because the message changes the hearts of men who hear it... and such men are found in all social circles, even the high public offices of the land.

Consider how the voices of Joseph and Daniel affected the imperial heathens they served?

Joseph and Daniel didn't simply stay at home or remained silent... they served to their fullest capacity, even as slaves!

Men have been granted choice in this life... so choose wisely who you have been granted the choice to work in the upper mechanisms of your society.

You can also make choices to have at least the Word of God represented in public, as a historically significant reality... and we who believe know what affect simply reading the Word can have on our hearts.

Continue to build upon what God has allowed and has established.

This is why the vote is a private undertaking and exit polls ( if desired to be filled out ) do not always represent what the vote actually counts.

You do have the right to remain silent, and casting a silent vote, as lots were cast in the first and subsequent centuries, reveals God's will in all matters.

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