26 February 2016

The Order Of The Spice

When a king, kingdom, or empire has influence over a realm, they issue their own brand of money (credit).

The term credit is from the Latin language, meaning he / she / it believes.

Interesting, isn't it?

It it written “Abram believed the Lord, and He credited to him as righteousness.”

An order is established by making lawful payment acceptable in an 'official' currency.

Laws or decrees are passed to make certain all things are 'paid' in this particular money / currency.

People employed in any given government, in any given realm, is motivated by the fact that the currency they receive in payment is good everywhere they go and is useful for rent, to make purchases, to conduct trade, etc.

It is no surprise the United States' currency, the U.S. dollar, is the world's reserve currency.

The rise of its influence is evidence of the leverage the U.S. has had for many decades, and has continued to exude the world over.

'Reserve' in terms of it being the backstop to all other currencies of the several nations, and the sole currency in the exchange of certain goods; this is where the term 'petrodollars' is derived.

When money is exported, what does that do?

Doesn't it cause a demand for more money from those places it reaches?

Money, then, is a product of the U.S... or the entity which issues the currency, the private for-profit corporation called the Federal Reserve.

And when interest is demanded for the issuance of this currency, the term interest is simply another word for tribute.

And tribute is what kings demand.

Isn't it interesting that money is an idea?

Prior to the invention of money, one would trade real things in exchange for real things.

But now, an idea, printed on a piece of paper or as a digital blip in the virtual world, is traded for real things.

Phenomenal to put it mildly.

The purpose of the central bank of the U.S. in issuing debt is, I think, to continue building upon the labor force of the world, and the products derived thereof... as well as other aims.

This central bank has removed the sovereignty of many once independent nations.

Most recently was El Salvador.

I used to argue about the 'evils' of such practices, but instead of calling something that can be highly controversial and misunderstood 'evil', I'd rather simply attempt to clarify, define and highlight events and outcomes... and let the reader draw their own conclusions.

Much how, to those who believe, Pharaoh's existence had a purpose in Israel's 400+ years of slavery, so does this world-wide system of buying and selling Today have a purpose.

One other interesting highlight is that the central bank system is, as I read it, very reminiscent of the fifth measure found in the list of demands of the Communist Manifesto.

A sentence from the article Marx's Vision of Communism: The First Stage, by professor Bertell Ollman states:
“As a way of life and organization, it has traits in common with both capitalism and full communism and many which are uniquely its own.”
[use “control-f and find “centralization” to read the fifth measure and Ollman's perception]

This isn't shared to startle anyone, but to simply again forward definitions and develop understanding of what something is, may be, or could become.

What would be the outcome if the U.S. Congress and Senate desired to flood the world's market with the U.S. Dollar?

How did Rome establish their presence and legitimacy if not by demanding the use of their coin to the outer reaches or their empire?

There is much to say when speaking to global economics.

As for globalization, hasn't that been the plan of any man who have desired to have power, honor and control?

Wasn't this Alexander the Macedonian's plan?

Hasn't this ambition been a constant ambition found among the kings of the earth?

Is this by coincidence?

Perhaps He who directs and programs men's hearts has a bigger idea in mind.

An idea that many people, both believers and doubters, still do not understand and / or are fearful of.

Doesn't America influence the entire world through economic, military and cultural means?

Some interpret this as very bad, others very good, some both good and bad.

However one would define America's influence, its empire has spread the world over and continues to influence peoples and nations, now also via media ideas, perceptions and identities.

The Soviet Union crumbled from within and became the Russia Federation.

Every central and south American country has been influenced and changed as well.

Look at Turkey after the fall of the Ottoman empire.

What has also been exported, sadly, is the same depravity with societal loosening, slightly masqueraded as "freedoms”... the same trappings of man that toppled Rome and other empires in their time.

This has caused other places in the world to also become depraved ( aside from their own forms of depravity ).

Men pursue their goals by any means necessary and available.

This is a reoccurring theme throughout time, for it is a basic human attribute; one of humanity's fallibilities.

A program set in motion.

To readers of this blog, both domestic and international; to favor the only program you've know your entire life is to give an answer as to why people support the only tutelage they've known their entire lives (for they know nothing different).

Yet God has always, is now, and always will be in absolute control of all things... to bring forth His good will.

This too is a constant revelation among those God calls His children.

In this, despite world developments we may not fully understand, we can hope in and have our hearts settled in peace.

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