14 February 2016

Let Your Light Pierce Darkness

Never underestimate the positive effect that a smile may have on another human being.

Your smile may be the only thing that means something to the viewer that day.

Have you ever noticed how someone's eyes brighten when a smile comes across their face?

The same brightness is projected from your eyes when your smile reflects your heart's love.

Never forget how powerful positive words may be; they make lasting difference in someone's life.

Some of the most encouraging words I've heard in my life came in a short sentence or two from the most unusual of places.

These positive phrases have helped guide me throughout the ebbs and flows of my life.

Just as we may be willing to give a kind word and smile to others, we must also be open to accepting such gifts from others.

Many times in my short life I have realized there have been certain individuals which had something to teach me.

Our friendship may have begun with a smile while visiting the same place of business time and time again, or by a simple expression regarding something one of us was wearing.

Many can be the reasons to make new friends.

What is quite paradoxical also is how, although some people may seem like a poison in our lives, these individuals also serve a purpose; there is something to be learned, still something good to be exchanged.

We exist to teach and learn lessons from one another, regardless if the approach is with love and kindness or spite and hatred.

If negative, perhaps we have reason to pray for their heart and their current state of mind, reflecting on how we can also have be negative and struggling, or consider how we've been the same way in times past.

If positive, we have reason to be grateful for the amazing ways light works in all of our lives and, amazed at the several ways we are encouraged by the simple things in life.

May you always be a blessing to your fellow human being.

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