25 February 2016

Return To The Past And Plow The Future

Many are the options available to use, what is Today considered, untraditional home building methods.

But these methods are actually ancient and as natural as can be.

Energy efficiency is a motivation.

Natural materials another motivation.

Using natural landscapes to build homes is a solution to inefficient 'modern' building methods.

The U.S. government seems to also be aware of this natural effort.

With the onset of renewable and unlimited sources of energy, keeping up with energy demands of Today's modernly technical society is within reach.

And when considering food sources and renewable food growing methods, think of how the natural world has flourished prior to man's attempt to capitalize on food production as a business.


And “what about water?” you may ask.

How about pulling it from the air?

God has already provided the methods to embrace the natural world, since we are made from natural ingredients.

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