11 February 2016

Heading For The Exit

Organizations of men can develop into many forms.

Simply because an organization stands the test of time doesn't mean it is based on facts.

Force, manipulation, profit motive and many other factors sustain organizations of men beyond their inception.

Listen for a few minutes to this insightful interview regarding the son of an organizer who was very wealthy and influential.

This organization now goes to great lengths to protect itself and also advertise itself... most recently to over 100 million viewers during America's football “Super Bowl”.

I share this video as an example, not an attack to the people involved or subject to such an organization.

Many innocent people over the centuries have found themselves subject to organizations of men, whether they were governments, religions, businesses, or something else.

Yet, the motives are always exposed for what they are soon enough.

Many organizations of men have been built by force, manipulation and with a profit motive.

I can only recall one movement that was not built in this manner despite it, within a few centuries, also seeming to succumb to the human motive.

But not all who agree with this movement's inception also participate in the duplicity; what all other organizations duplicate.

And although the human's failure in being perfect has polluted this movement a bit, the very sources of its inspiration are very difficult to find fault in.

The truth always speaks to one's heart.

This reaching into one's heart by the truth no organization can pervert or prevent.

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