29 February 2016

Stopping Vanderlizum (sic)

van·dal·ism ( ˈvandlˌizəm )


- action involving deliberate destruction of or damage to public or private property

What is interesting about every new twisted false teaching that arises is that the aim and method is nothing 'new' but simply a repeating of an ancient pattern.

The only new things are the labels and arguments, perhaps a rephrasing of terminology, but the discord and division produced from such teachings is the same, feeding on man's fear, arrogance, pride and innate fallibility of men to redeem themselves.

New teachings arise all too often, but one can identify the false from the true quite easily.

If a teaching leads you to separate from any other human being, or group of people, according to exterior judgments, you may be believing a lie.

If a teaching causes you to take pride in the external things, like skin color, heritage, a perceived identity, a nationality, a particular doctrine or similar banalities, then you may be following ancient lies manufactured as modern truths.

The list of false teachings and dead-end paths is too lengthy to identify them all, and doing so may cause some to fall into further division, for an individual truly isn't comprised of their group affiliation no matter how convoluted they may be at present time.

The litmus test in separating the false from the truth is quite simple and short.

Does what you believe cause you to love other people who may look different from you?

If so, you may be on the Path of love and light.

Does your particular belief allow you hate others for any justifiable reason?

You may currently be fooled and following contrived ideas supported by man's faulty logic; not seeing the love and light that Life has revealed.

Regarding the above image, the “police” is the One who sees the hearts and minds of His creation.

“911” is the prayer hotline reaching the ears of the Almighty.

“Vanderlizum”(sic) is the destruction what is private, which is your heart, mind and soul.

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