11 June 2015

How Normal Are You?

I think everyone is a little askew; maladjusted, not seeing nor thinking in perfect harmony with what can be identified as truth. Perhaps my opinion shouldn't include people I've never met, yet I think I can safely say that no mere mortal has lived a perfect life; having always thought perfect thoughts, having always spoken perfect words and having always performed perfected actions. I do believe One who was more than human, yet aside from Him, who comes close?

I think it is the degree of how askew people are, or can be, which makes most idiosyncrasies either tolerable or outright abnormal. But what is 'normal,' eh? I always ask my wife this question when she mentions that word. We then have a laughable debate. Notice how the word “idiosyncrasies” has 'crasies' at the end.

Is society normal?

Which society has been 'normal' and properly ordered?

The one you currently live in, right? Yeah, right.

I see quite a few broken people on my daily journeys. Homeless persons talking to themselves, yet the homeless aren't the only incoherent folks. I also see people who do not seem homeless, but have those social characteristics of being further along the sliding askew scale. I see once broken people redeemed back into society, regardless of where others would classify them to be. I see people who seem to have all of what society deems 'normal' and much more of it, yet perform criminal acts without a twitch or wince at the thought. The news has plenty of stories of folks going off the deep end despite having their fill of worldly treasures and desirable accolades.

What is normal?

Were native western hemisphere tribes-people normal?

Is modern western society normal?

Are eastern society's normal?

Are you normal, and if so, according to who? You?

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