08 September 2015

Adam Was Naked And Knew It Not

Every so often a word, phrase or message leaps from the page at me. It could be something I've read hundreds of times before. Perhaps God also has order in the manner we learn things, taking in one lesson at a time. One must spell before they can write, as one must identify letters prior to spelling words.

I'd like to share this experience. I previously supposed God knew Adam would disobey, but seemingly reading it in clear terms was encouraging. Maybe you can share your thoughts, or perhaps teach me something which is clearly and contextually spoken.

Reading the depiction of creation in Genesis, I noticed when the consequence for disobedience to God's command of restriction was mentioned. The notion of “if” is not stated or implied, but “when” or “that day” or something speaking to a future occurrence. I know, some may consider this splitting hairs or arguing over words. But I suppose; since God knows all things, including all near and distant future events, God surely knew Adam was going to disobey and even eluded to it according to what is written.

Read Genesis 2: 17 in whichever translation you consider correct. Notice how the phrasing being discussed is written. Consider what is being spoken, implied and notified.

Not to go overboard with this exegesis (I like to keep things simple and wholesome like pure milk when possible), but it's comforting that God wasn't surprised by Adam and Eve's disobedience. It seems, as the phrasing suggests, that Adam spiritually 'died' the moment he disobeyed and/or came to know he was naked.

Much how children are naive and innocent in not knowing much about the world around them, I consider it better sometimes for us to not 'know' evil as Adam came to 'know' the consequences of disobedience.

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