11 September 2015

The Reality Behind The NewStory

The divisions and factions within the Muslim religion sprouted immediately after Muhammad died and was buried. This character being found in a certain family/people was declared in Genesis 16: 11-12 by God regarding the descendants of Ishmael. Muhammad and his company claim Ishmael as their ancestor and culturally identify with him.

Regarding who is responsible for 9/11 2001, the U.S. government needs to answer to tower 7 falling at free-fall speed onto its foundation at 5pm that day. Internal fire from debris coming off of towers 1 and 2 is a hollow argument. The “official” story is just that, a story. An engineering explanation clarifying how a steel structure can collapse due to fire, resembling more a controlled demolition, needs to be had. Answering this issue will expose 'who' was truly responsible. Sure, men of a certain religion could have participated, but did these men or their narrow religious affiliates also have a hand in that building's surprise collapse?

It is interesting this article mentions the term "misinformation.” The mainstream news media of any nation is riddled with misinformation and is mostly comprised of biased and sectarian propaganda. As history is replete with revision, so can any news agency be found biased in its dissemination of the 'news' to its audience... and Amerika is no different.

Conclusive evidence showing exactly how financial support feeds any militant group (the ones mentioned in the article and those private armies/mercenaries in Iraq protecting private foreign business interests) will show 'who' exactly is behind them. But since ISIS is acting and reflecting the archaic founding of the movement stemming from Muhammad's inspirations, they may now be autonomous since they are actively collecting tribute and booty from spreading the sword as they continue the typical ambitions of man's heart: wealth, power, rule, conquest and honor.

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