26 September 2015

Love Carries No Mistakes

Men have written their best understanding of freedoms and restrictions, calling these works of theirs 'law.' These works of men are enforced by, well, force. Threat of bodily harm, loss of freedom and liens on your person or property are imposed, establishing 'authority' and legitimizing man's lawmaking efforts.

However, not all of these works (laws) of men are good. The clear judgment and scrutiny of man's laws isn't so clear. We can agree that not everything mankind does is good. Our personal fallibility supports this reality. If we are honest with ourselves, we can remember at some point in our past we were wrong about something we thought we were right. So it is with man's law writing efforts.

In Amerika's recent history, this is most evident when reviewing her many laws from the past. There once existed anti-miscegenation laws preventing a man and woman of different skin color or ethnic backgrounds from legal marriage. Slavery was another allowance protected by law, still allowed today, but under certain circumstances. Mankind and his treatment of others is still a work in progress.

It is comforting to know that although men have made erroneous, hateful and ethnocentric laws according to their limited understanding, God wasn't limited when establishing His law. Many of man's laws are fashioned after God's law, but somehow the examples of mercy, forgiveness and love is still missing from many of man's laws. Some would argue a 'change' in God's law occurred, but looking closely and following the sequence of events, we can see what is called 'change' is actually completion; fulfillment of God's law.

For the gracefully initiated, the Law is the command to continually love one another. Loving your enemy and neighbor as you would yourself, you wouldn't steal, hurt, kill, lie nor offend another human being.

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