15 September 2015

Sex, Love & Marriage

Sex sparks a spiritual connection.

The spiritual journey that consummation beckons is often missed and never taken.

This journey of growth and maturity is purposely avoided, many times cynically sneered at.

'Modern' societies following the popular culture's wind of change seems to ridicule what the ancients knew very well, what was as typical as breathing.

If one can be honest with themselves, they can reflect on the thoughts, emotions and sensitivities they experience when becoming one (having sex) with their husband/wife.

But you may say “I'm not married” though you are not a virgin.

Do you not know that the 'act' of consummation is what actually makes a marriage?

Verbal promises before a robed man and many witnesses aside, the very act of sex seals the deal.

The two become one.

It is the denial of this reality which precedes folly and fools many people, toppling the strongest of societies.

Denying the deep connection and oneness between man and woman, which consummation spiritually reveals, gives birth to many failures in relationships; the discovery of what love really is being missed, leading to dissolution of the family unit, the foundation of humanity.

I dare say societies fail, cultures dissolve when infidelity becomes the 'norm' due to the ignorance of what a loving bond truly is.

Ridiculing this very fundamental essence of love causes so much pain and distrust.

This deception has resulted in many people living a life of solitude despite consistently having multiple partners their entire lifetime, thinking the next person will be better, different or their match.

Many people deny what speaks to their hearts, trading physical conquest for intimacy, variety for depth.

Traded away is fidelity.

Faithfulness would lead to ever increasing union.

Building on trust and honesty, the faithful couple can build a reflection of love manifested.

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