12 September 2015

No More Time For Money

I've decided to discontinue the website SmartPeopleSmartMoney.com.

I'll share in simple terms what I've learned about money here in this post.

Money is a man-made idea.

This idea has been complicated over time, making the topic exhaustive with an air of sophistication.

But there is nothing sophisticated about trading something real (food, labor, goods) for an idea (money), unless of course you do not produce your own sustenance (food and necessary goods).

There is nothing sophisticated when money systems fail and people's lives are ruined, unless of course you benefit from failure and people's ignorance of systems.

Money is made 'real' and useful by enforcement of laws.


Terms have changed over time.

The knowledge of what money is has increased and decreased.

Of the two signatures on the currency, which signature represents you?

One party represents the issuer (creditor), the other the receiver (debtor).

The Federal Reserve owners issue debt at interest.

This group receives tribute in the form of interest payments, like kings receive tribute as evidence of rule and dominion over people and land.

However, you can make your own debt/credit instrument!

All is needed is building trust among your trading partners.

You also need to do/produce/grow/make something useful/needed/in-demand.

I suggest when lending, do NOT lend at interest like the greedy.

Lending at interest is problematic.

The interest amount is never issued into circulation along with the principle.

Example: Every $100 lent at 10% interest, $110 is demanded.

Insoluble and impossible to pay back principle AND interest.

This causes a siphoning effect in the economy.

Prices/costs continue to rise without a real increase in value: inflation.

This is how those demanding tribute/interest siphon people's labor and the earth's resources.

Be not like them.

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