24 September 2015

Perception Defines Experience

Is the sky really blue?

What 'color' is the sky at night?

What is color?

Why is the color blue 'blue?'

I know, science has come up with answers and explanations to these questions.

But have you considered that the sky's color could have been called some other word?

It could have been called 'pickle,' while the pickle could have been called 'blue.'

“Would you like blues with your burger, sir?”

“Yes! I'd actually like extra blues, please.”

Is the sky really 'black' when the sun sets past the horizon?

Interesting how the idea of an atmosphere isn't visible at night; you can see the stars.

“As the sun sets, the sky goes from bright pickle, to light pickle, then to light gray and then to black. No more pickle.”

Consider how there are quite a few different hues of blue.

Which particular 'blue' is the sky's blue?

Is it closer to purple, closer to green, or in the 'middle?'

Depending on who you may ask, the sky resembles more a 'teal' tone.

To others, it is definitely 'turquoise.'

But I disagree.

To me, when I look up in the middle of the day without a cloud in the sky, it looks like blue #0087ff.

Of course! ;)

Next time you're outside, look at the sky.

Look up, look over and look to the horizon.

Look again a few hours later, or in the late afternoon.

You'll notice the hue of blue has changed its tune (tone).

That 'blue' is also different depending on which direction you are looking skyward.

Isn't the sky a lighter blue closer to the horizon (on a clear day)?

Isn't the sky a darker blue when looking straight up (on a clear day)?

Considering all this; is it the sky's color changing, or your perception?

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