28 September 2015

You In Pieces, Or Inner Peace?

The visit of Mr. Bergoglio to the United States happened. The rapture didn't occur, nor did Hades manifest. The 'blood moon' was feared by some, while many enjoyed an eclipse. The ancients feared such events, but for this man, I was already in bed with my wife, reading. These celestial events remind us how succinct and precise creation is; perfect balance. Some people read these predictable events too deeply. The ancients pontificated without understanding, misleading commoners and instilling fear. This sadly happened again.

In recent months I befriended many virtual friends on social media, mainly Facebook. I scroll down the feed and I'm sometimes shocked while amused by what some people believe and repeat. I read many predictions, people having dreams, and of course the end of the world was forwarded by many.

Guess what? No red devil horns sprouted from Mr. Obama or Mr. Bergoglio. Yet people are changing predictions while making excuses.

Vilifying famous strangers is typical. Politicians, pontiffs, pastors, preachers and prefects have historically been abused. I can relate. I too am challenged with my inner thoughts regarding some strangers, the office they occupy, or the groups and ideas they represent. But these are people. I am called to love people, even an enemy. I am called to make quiet internal judgments prior to, if warranted and proper, speaking verbal judgments. I can only truly judge those nearest me, those in relationship with me, not those outside of close relations. Judging strangers is not the Way.

The 'end' of things is cyclical as is the human experience. To place timelines, predict without actually hearing His Voice, is to play the folly of fools and be a false prophet many accuse others of being.

God is Sovereign; He's always in absolute control. His children shall fear no man.

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