29 September 2015

We Learn From Nature

Walking to a local coffee shop this morning to do my usual online work, I look down and notice a jumping spider.

It's moving so fast.

Have you seen those cartoon movies about insects or comedies with tiny people?

From the perspective of the insect or miniature level, the full size people and larger world seems to move in slow motion.

I wonder if this jumping spider simply 'seems' to be moving very quickly, or if that is simply my perception.

Read and explore the uncertainty principle and special relativity.

Some researches say it is simply the speed of signals from your eye to your brain; some creature's internal messaging speed is higher.

What is quite the reverberating reminder is that all of man's knowledge and understanding is derived from observation from the human's central perspective.

What other perception can the human derive?

But what is amazing when observing the natural world around us, the creatures which man had no credit in producing, is the fact that mankind has learned so much from them.

Men have conceived flight from observing birds.

How else has creation been provided for us to learn from?

Four things on the earth are small;

nevertheless, they are very wise —

the ants, a species not strong,

yet they store up their food in the summer;

the coneys, a species with little power,

yet they make their home in the rocks;

the locusts, who have no king,

yet they all march out in ranks;

and the spiders, which you can catch in your hand,

yet they are in the king’s palace.

- Proverbs 30: 24-28 (CJB)

Go to the ant, you lazybones!

Consider its ways, and be wise.

It has no chief, overseer or ruler;

yet it provides its food in summer

and gathers its supplies at harvest-time.

Lazybones! How long will you lie there in bed?

When will you get up from your sleep?

“I’ll just lie here a bit, rest a little longer,

just fold my hands for a little more sleep” —

and poverty comes marching in on you,

scarcity hits you like an invading soldier.

- Proverbs 6: 6-11 (CJB)

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