04 September 2015

Light Breaks Through

If you dare open up your heart when sharing about your life, you'd be surprised how another heart may be touched.

If you are not afraid to share your past trials of traversing through mud, you'd be amazed at learning how another person also experienced practically the same trials.

You never know how your words, as you express gratitude for His grace in your life, may touch a hearer's heart.

The other day I was sitting at a coffee shop doing as I usually do (working; reading, writing, thinking, etc.) and was asked a simple question about my hat. Anyone who has ever personally spoken with me knows that in due time I will praise His Name. I cannot help but speak His praises in discussing every day issues like politics, economics, history, culture, religion, etc. If the person is listening closely, they may hear the Gospel spoken through my life's experiences without me quoting a verse. His message is interwoven into my dialogue, grafted into my heart. Tact.

A heart can speak to another heart without the conversation sounding like a sermon echoing in a cathedral or booming through a sound-system.

It's amazing when having a hearer in your midst, you don't have to try hard expressing the joy and gratitude in your heart. The Spirit manages the words, the phrasings and delivers the proper message to land squarely in those hidden places in a hearer's heart. What is even more amazing is how the speaker is not only mutually edified, but also encouraged. Not encouraged in terms of “feeling good” to have shared a testimony, but being personally reminded yet again of His goodness, His grace, His patience, His love, His forgiveness and mercy over you.

The aim is relating without flattery; becoming your audience without being condescending.

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