27 September 2015

Grace And Security

I heard an amazing story recently involving a thief, four dollars and a two-hour breakfast.

An affluent business man, let's call him Jose, recounted a bizarre story to me and some other socialites at one of my favorite hangouts. He was sharing about a friend he considers crazy for what he did. Let's call this friend Roger.

His friend Roger wakes up one morning to find a man in his house, gun in hand, demanding money. Let's all the intruder Donald. Roger is calm, telling Donald he has no money in the house, asking if Donald would like some breakfast. Donald says yes, so Roger cooks up some breakfast for the both of them!

Two hours go by and I can only imagine what they talked about.

Donald says he cannot leave without taking some money with him, for he finds the outside world being a tough place to exist. Roger manages to scrounge up about four dollars in loose change.

Donald leaves without further issue.

Jose thinks Roger was absolutely insane for making the choices he did with Donald that morning. After some thought, I said what Roger did was quite gracious and it showed his lack of fear, or faith. I said it was actually quite loving the manner in which he treated Donald considering the circumstances. I said perhaps Donald will remember Roger's kindness, hopefully affecting him to make better choices in the future.

I think what Roger did was quite amazing considering the reality of facing an armed intruder. I would have loved to have heard the conversation and how it was navigated.

Sometimes, when facing how ugly humanity can become, a little bit of grace and breakfast could make a world of difference.

Aside from Roger installing a new security system, what do you think?

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