25 September 2015

Pursue Faith Not Fear

Do all people have to work (or do something) in order to eat?

The trust fund inheritor has to manage their fortune or lose it to thieves.

If government does a semi-decent job of keeping groceries coming into the city and allows for doodads that make life interesting, is it really as evil as some make it seem?

A man named Job was the wealthiest and most righteous man of his day.

If the peasant and the philanthropist must work to feed themselves and others, what are some people fighting against other than the fact we are not in Eden and man's effort sometimes produces thorns?

Considering human fallibility, why blame human beings instead of seeing things as they are?

Why forward faithless fear-mongering the media trumpets?

The Way becomes conflated with fear propaganda; calling good evil, not realizing God's sovereignty despite mankind's shortcomings.

Just governance has historically existed as monarchy, republic, loosely associated tribes and as autonomous bands of people.

Why believe your man-made system is perfect or better than past examples?

The Good Shepherd's example helps believers traverse the thorns produced by people.

Slavery still exists in subtle forms; are we not tested to choose between becoming slave masters or good shepherds?

Blaming slave masters/hired hands while not personally becoming a good shepherd is complaining about the problem, not becoming the solution.

Is your heart and soul subject to another man's actions?

Does any man or government hold spiritual leverage over your heart?

Christ as Lord is evidence that no physical power exists over believers, only perceived power.

When flesh is killed, who really wins and loses?

If I am murdered, my spirit is released to He who created it.

Men are left boasting over a dead body they killed (and shall be judged by their heart's actions).

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