02 September 2015

How Far Love

Aspiring to see the world around you as another individual sees the world can lead you to understanding that person. How else can the person across from you be better understood unless you put yourself in their shoes? If the goal is to convince someone of your position, your point of view, can only speaking from your position, while disregarding their point of view, truly help them?


In serving another person, is the goal to win them over to your side? Is not the greater goal to win them over to what is greater than the both of you? A mutual understanding of love's foundation is, I believe, the greater goal.

I used to believe my particular understanding of God, His church and the reality of things around me was correct. Yet I used to condemn those who didn't agree with me! I had such a myopic view of the world that I was in fact quite empty of empathy towards other people. And in this self-righteous and diluted state of mind and heart, I also believed I can tell who was known by God. Imagine that; a human being thinking they can see the heart of another person! Yet, we have quite a few people walking the earth today which stand firmly on this position. And they consider themselves right.

One thing is to know what the message is; love. Another thing altogether is expressing love through your thoughts, words and actions. This is the fine line between the religious and the righteous.

There was once a group of very learned men who believed they can see clearly, yet were found to be blind. They were empty of love, and thus were empty of God's wisdom. They took pride in an ideology which prevented them from recognizing Love.

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