27 October 2015

Division Is Yet Another Idea

If you surround yourself with only like-minded people, are you able to see beyond the hedge?

The outcome of a monoculture type lifestyle is ignorance of other points of view. This is what has continually plagued politicians, statesmen and civic 'leaders' throughout the ages. Having surrounded themselves with people who are like themselves, they fail perceiving the lives of others; those very people they derive their societal hierarchy. This narrow perspective is what also blinds some wealthy people who only focus on their business interests.

When people's social circles consist of mostly those similarly like-minded as themselves, is it any wonder that prejudices and fears of others persist?

Many are the fences and walls which separate one person from another. Political ideology, economic status, ethnic heritage and religious beliefs are a few of these divisive perspectives. I would say that religious can be one of the most dangerous and limiting.

I find so hypocritical and ignorant the desire for someone who perceives themselves a Christian (like Christ) to only desire to be around other Christians (others who think they are like Christ).

Did not Christ surround Himself with an initial group of 12 very different individuals? Most of the twelve would not have ever taken the time to have a conversation with one another, let alone break bread.

Wasn't Christ criticized by the religious of that day for hanging out with “sinners?”

Did not the gospel's message reach those whom the religious were ostracizing and ignoring?

Wasn't it the sick who were being ignored?

And didn't Christ purpose a reaching out to the sick of society? I personally battle with this reality very often, for I too fail to 'see' the bigger picture when I focus too long on the sickness rather than applying the cure.

Love is the cure.

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