31 October 2015

Grace gRace grAce graCe gracE

Sometimes I find out just how feeble and weak I am, or how weak my body can be when the spirit is out of focus.

I've been shown how easily I can fall, how quickly I can succumb, and how I can foolishly revert to the fragile shell of a man I once was.

Thoughts are believed to be the front-line to the invisible battlefield, but our battle begins in the heart.

Here, clandestine operations are carried out while the mind is distracted and unaware.

We experience the battle when the mind contemplates thoughts and mental scenarios are played out.

If thoughts are too long entertained, they will desire to be expressed in the flesh.

When I consider my weaknesses, I can easily become overwhelmed.

My past life experiences are the mold I had chosen for myself for many years.

It is this faulty mode, built in pride and in imitation of a world influenced by the faulty choices of others, that is a bothersome memory.

Guilt can grip my emotions, where self-hate may commence.

It can become a real pity party.

But, from places I can only imagine, comes the remembrance of His promises.

I'm reminded that I have dominion in choice when I choose to submit to His direction.

I'm reminded I have choice in my thoughts, and thus, can choose what is or isn't fleshed out in my life experience.

I am an emotional guy, my wife can attest to this.

Yet, in my weaknesses, or what some would consider a weakness, I interestingly find His strength.

The inner struggle, the battlefield of the spiritual plane, the pondering and consideration of life in more detail, this is the field where righteousness is reaped and harvested.

This is the field we all should desire to find ourselves planted.

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