06 October 2015

My Emergency Room Experience

It probably wasn't much of an emergency. I didn't want that toe pointing out the rest of my earthly life. I decided to make a visit to the hospital. I recalled two prior injuries to my fingers when I delayed going to the hospital, only to find out “if” a visit the day of injury would have have prevented the two ugly fingers I now have.

I tried pulling my toe back into place, thinking it was simply dislocated at the joint, but it was very loose to the touch. Didn't seem any cartilage was holding the distal phalange to the middle phalange.

Looking at charts online, it seems the mediae phalange was ripped. I know you're asking; “what is with these terms?” It's my inner nerd who desires to know what happened and what things are called.  I may never use phalange again in my life, so here's my chance!

What did make an impression on me besides the pain of walking before and after the hospital visit, was the people I encountered there. Most notable was Joe in radiology. He was very personable. We shared a few laughs.

I am always weary getting zapped with who knows how much radiation, having to wear lead overalls. After the first zap, I still heard the machine making a sound. I mentioned nuclear fallout. He laughed, saying the sound is like a turbine still spinning after being shut off. He asked what happened and I told him how I was vacuuming so my wife would come home to a clean and tidy home (she was out visiting relatives). He joked how I was trying to be a good husband and look where it got me; in the emergency room!

This human experience, although having painful consequences, bears fruit in unknown ways.

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