01 October 2015

Not Taken By Surprise

It is so comforting to know that God is in absolute control of all events in heaven and on earth!

Past, present and future events are all within His will.

Nothing happens outside of God's purview or will.

Even what could be considered a tragedy is allowed to happen, producing the seeds for something good to happen or to conform to His purpose.

The prophetic messages of the past, which foretold future occurrences, show how from an event coming to pass in the immediately near future (that same day or the next) to events centuries later, God knows the future.

The limitations reside not with God and His omnipotence, His omnipresence and His omniscience, but with the limited understanding of the human being.

Since God knows all future events, then He knows what your choice is going to be regarding any given decision you will eventually make.

God is never taken by surprise.

I can state this confidently, for in reading the message of His love saga with mankind, one can read how He says certain things in reaching down to bring man's understanding up.

I can also qualify my confidence by my personal experiences.

Everyone who walks by faith can look back and see God's hand working through their life events.

The accounts of the faithful allows us Today to see His providence over their lives.

We can read many rhetorical questions asked by God, beckoning the human to think.

We can read how God has tested men by questions, or by mentioning situations and circumstances.

We can read man's responses and reactions to God's directives.

I see it all as drawing out of man the will of God.

Drawing out man's typically carnal and earth-centrist understanding towards the preponderance of God's mind.

God is life's Master architectural Designer.

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