25 October 2015

Sandy Finger Tips

Looking closely at your finger tips, the seemingly smooth surface is actually an array of rolling ridges. Depending on the angle, the light, the background and your eye's focus, these ridges resemble the carved sandy surface of a wind blown desert. But unlike the desert's constantly changing sandy surface, the lines, grooves, turns and roundabouts of your fingerprints do not change. The desert prints are drawn and measured by the wind, and are redrawn and remeasured as each day's wind is directed by the sun's scorching heat. The lines on your finger tips were laid as a one-time foundation, as if a unique wind blew and drew those specific lines for your specific person, leaving a signature stamp with none other alike. Only a scorching heat hotter than the sun's rays can change the lines on your finger's print, but no new lines will be redrawn or remeasured, as with the desert's landscape. Depending on the burn or the cut or the abrasion, the same lines may continue to be formed. Wonderfully, our person's character is not always as unchangeable as those lines on your finger tips. Gratefully, the character can be redrawn and remeasured with the strong winds and heat that life provides. And one need not always traverse a desert to have their character lines altered by the wind's discretion.

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