13 October 2015

Every Thing Has Purpose

My heart is affected whenever I see someone in tears, especially a woman. Today, as I'm waiting for my coffee to be served, I notice a woman walk in and take a seat near to where I am standing. She has tears in her eyes. She is sniffling. Across the street is the court house. Earlier when I was sitting outside in the patio chatting with friends, I observed many people dressed in business and formal attire coming out of the court house. Some work there, others are obligated to be there.

I ponder what to say to her, if anything, which may at least let her know that God is good, is always in control, and that nothing happens outside of His will; even events one would consider a tragedy. I consider my words, for I need to firstly consider her and where she is, not wanting to come across overtly religious or too passive / dismissive.

When my coffee is up, I receive it and pause, turning to her. I ask “are you okay?”

She says “nothing that Starbucks couldn't resolve” (some coffee) with a forced smile through red and tear-filled eyes.

I say “there is an old saying” as I rub away condensation left on the bar from cold drinks; “ex malo bonum.”

“What does it mean?” she asks.

“Out of bad comes good.”

She says “like; 'this too shall pass.'”

I agree and tell her “yes,” agreeing that her statement is quite true as well.

I tell her “if you believe in God, then you understand that nothing happens outside of His good will. All things happen for a reason and for good to eventually come about.”

She says “I'll have to remember that.”

I say “God bless you” as I walk away and pray.

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