28 October 2015

Love Brings Light, Religion Obscures Light

The issue of religious fanatics of any religion is troubling.

Religion is man's attempt to explain the inexplicable.

For example: many atheist scientists have made a religion for themselves, calling it science.

I am embarrassed when I read in my social media feeds the ridiculous, the faithless, the fear-mongering and the baiting of others by people who call themselves “Christians” (like Christ).

But Christ calls mankind to love their enemy, forgive those who tread upon you and to consider others better than yourself.

There are many religions when it comes to man's effort in finding or figuring out who God is, but when Christ revealed God's heart when God chose to become a man in the body of Christ, men have lost all excuses when they continue peddling their religious nearsightedness while failing to love their enemy.

When men fail to obey this very key command to love their enemy, their religion is worthless.

The religion that teaches to harm those who disagree, or attack those who ridicule one's beliefs, is to not know righteousness and what love can do.

These only believe in themselves, mere mortal men and the empty words of men and men's dreams.

Religions of men teach hate, indifference, war, justifying murder and many more atrocities in the name of religion and in the names of men, but no such thing was taught by Christ, the Anointed of the Intelligent Design some call God.

Killing in the Name revealed from heaven is not knowing Him.

The command to love an enemy didn't originate from the heart of man.

The call to love isn't terrestrial.

The one who doesn't love is revealed as lacking any semblance of God's nature.

Religion cannot find love nor express love.

Allowing love to transform you is the Way.

God is Love.

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