03 October 2015

My Graffiti Is Not Original

I see value and great responsibility teaching children about various world views and their cultures.

It's a loving service to make humans out of what the media has blanketed “religious zealots” and “evil” people.

The fear of different people, with different beliefs, is typical of human nature.

We see many narrow views through Christianity's paradigm; one Christian group hates and/or is suspicious of another Christian group.

This division also exists between Muslims; one hates and/or is suspicious of another Muslim group.

A secular approach surveying various cultures sounds prudent.

But how is this achieved when each individual human has a specific view and opinion of others and their cultures?

How can an atheist parent trust the religious teacher's biased perspective and vice versa?

If a secular school system is legally bound to follow edicts of the state, how does the religious parent keep up with abrogating the daily adverse teaching?

I too have my biased view ;)

How inclusive and identity-breaking was Yeshua/Isa/Jesus?

Did Jesus further Jewish identity or speak of each individual being accepted just the same as another?

Jesus retired “eye for an eye” (law of retribution), replacing it with love and forgiveness of enemies.

Jesus transcends Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist and all other religious identities.

Honestly judging all religions by their doctrinal merits, all fail to come close to loving everyone as yourself.

Even Christianity, named after Jesus as Christ, has a bloody history and times of dubious leadership.

Do wicked acts of those in high religious positions also make the common adherents guilty?

Am I guilty because of what Christian zealots did during the Crusades?

Why then is a peaceful person who identifies with anything religious automatically judged?

The human is free to choose what they believe and follow, but who can defeat love?

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