30 October 2015

Love Is In Order

Some folks attack and ridicule things they know nothing about.

They repeat and forward what other bitter hearts have raged at their object of frustration.

Yet, is love frustrating?

Can you blame love when it asks you to make peace with your inner turmoil?

Can love be blamed when it has fashioned a natural order?

Blaming what is written somewhere, when nature’s order is not at peace within your own heart, is misplacing your blame.

If it is true every human being has been made perfect, but the world has caused imperfections to take root, are you to blame the Designer or who has corrupted the world?

Since the human being is free to make choices, are your choices adding to the corruption in the world?

Blaming others for your internal struggles has never proven anyone right.

Am I the reason for your heart's conflict?

Am I the reason why you hate?

Am I the cause of the natural disorder?

Blaming me, or people like me, or what I believe is not addressing your hate.

Blaming others is shifting the blame from yourself.

You were made perfect, but you need to take responsibility for how imperfections manifest in you.

Your design is faultless, yet some things in this world are twisted.

What is good is being called evil.

What is evil has been labeled as good.

If the message commands “love your enemy” yet men, justifying their actions by citing their laws and their religions, kill enemies instead of loving them, is the message to blame or the choices of men?

If nature teaches male and female conceive the next generation, is nature's order to blame when same sex couples desire to replace nature's gendered roles?

Is nature archaic and outdated, or are people choosing a reality outside nature's constant?

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