11 October 2015

What Is Prayer?

Is prayer already on our hearts, waiting to be invoked?

Are not words stirring within us waiting to pour out from our hearts the stream of consciousness God intended to reverberate throughout the universe?

If God is the Author of life, hasn't He placed these prayers within us like a treasure long ago hidden, now being dug up and bringing Him glory?

If the Spirit He makes live in us speaks on our behalf, are we not simply vessels set in motion and playing out what the Grand Director has written in the script called "My Life"?

Considering His sovereignty, are we deciding anything on our own or, are we acting on faith as we "decide" to obey His Way?

Considering if we have free will in all matters, do we not also see how His hand weaved out the Path and situations He has pulled us through?

Do we not also have our part along with His plan?

The thread pulled by a needle can be used to make beautiful tapestries, fine rugs and elegant clothes.

This same thread, pulled opposite where the needle directs, can also unravel good and fine works, even our very lives.

Perhaps it is time to cease undoing the good work which has been started.

Allow yourself, like that thread, to be directed where the needle knows best.

Is the simple thread afraid of becoming part of a beautiful masterpiece?

Does the thread doubt its color and length can be of good use to the Master's needle?

Let loose those words, buried in your treasured heart and now desiring to be unsealed, return back to He who placed them there.

Your prayer is also for you, to hear what has been placed there, hidden and unknown to you, but known to Him since eternity.

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