23 March 2015

All Things Purposed

To some people, the world is a chaotic and unpredictable mess. I would partially agree, and I understand this sentiment.

To others, nothing happens in the world without a purpose and reason. I fully agree, but I don't always understand.

I was walking the other day and heard the sirens blaring from emergency vehicles. My curiosity led me to turn the corner to where the emergency vehicles had lined up. A man had fallen three floors and was already covered with a sheet. The blood was red and bold. Everyone there, even the emergency responders, where solemn. Quite impacting is the affect of someone passing. Your heart begins to take inventory. You realize how precious life is, and how one never knows what the next moment may bring.

The man was painting an apartment building and seems to have slipped off a ladder.

I prayed for his soul, for his family, relatives, friends, the onlookers, their hearts, etc.

I couldn't help but get sad and a bit emotional at the thought of his family ( wife and / or children ) or relatives and their response to receiving a phone call about this. I thought about anyone he was financially supporting.

In my mind, I could understand that nothing happens outside of God's will. Not only did God know this man and his heart's condition, He also knew the exact moment this man would leave this plain. I then put things into perspective and consider the reflection his family and friends will make after hearing about the death of their relative / friend.

All things have a purpose, even the murder of the Son of Man. To those at that time, the death of their Teacher made no sense. It was as if He had failed. But that wasn't so!

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