30 March 2015

Valuable Friendships

I had a friend today tell me in anger and disappointment what they really thought about me. I don't think they are my friend any more ( as they see it ) although I still consider them my friend despite their words. I have learned a great deal from them from past conversations and a greater deal now hearing them express themselves without filters.

I listened to their thoughts on my work, my lifestyle, my faith and my points of view. Not to share every bit of criticism that filled my ears this morning, I'd like to respond to what I heard and how their angry attack helped me ( sounds nuts, I'm sure ).

There is always some truth when people are willing to unleash their unfiltered thoughts. I embrace these moments. I try to decipher what is said in angst and hatred as opposed to what is honestly seen and was held in respect. I was told to actually help others instead of having fireside type chats with people in coffee shops. This was already on my heart. Hearing it from this person gave weight to what was already being made clear by Him who speaks to our innermost thoughts.

I used to boast about all the things I had, was doing and thought about doing next. Since my current chats are not always about these things, some opinions are that I have not accomplished much in my life thus far. I'm sure this is supposed and I understood why this would be an important priority for many. Seeing a lack of ambition in someone like me can be confusing for those who gauge life according to secular pursuits.

Another lesson learned today; people are sensitive although they may seem strong and unfazed by others or people's opinions.

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