26 March 2015

The Unknown Terrorists

What image typically comes to mind when you hear or read the term 'terrorist'?

I likely do not have to explain in detail, for you already have that idea in your mind. You could also perform an internet search and look at images beneath that title 'terrorist.' Let us consider: is this a factual and honest definition of what that term means? Is it true that all terrorists fit that visual description? Perhaps we should read what, in fact, is the definition of the term terrorist.

One of the main definitions depicting the actions of a terrorist is “the use of violent acts to frighten people to achieve a political goal.” This could be a bit too narrow, but we can use this definition to adequately identify who are real terrorists.

Have you considered that a terrorist is one who calls for the dropping of bombs onto others? These terrorists are typically dressed in nice suits with very respectable titles before their names.

Another easily overlooked terrorist is one who blindly follows orders by the finely dressed terrorists. This overlooked terrorist is applauded and supported by popular consensus by people who believe in the justified use of violence to achieve political ends.

Yet another type of terrorist is one who works on their own to project a supposed threat, sometimes fooling people into blaming other parties.

We can see using the definition of a terrorist in the political context that many who are deemed heroes and honorable people are, by definition, terrorists. One must consider their personal role in supporting and accepting such activity and not be led astray to narrowly judge according to opinion. Mainstream media has incorrectly visually identified one type of terrorist. This type of terrorist is usually not in agreement with the popular terrorists we love.

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