16 March 2015

Ex Malo Bonum

Why do bad things happen to good people? 

This is a question often asked when searching for an answer that comprehends how a benevolent God can exist while tragedy and wickedness also exists in the world. 

I'd like to try and answer why evil exists. 

My answer may not be welcomed or accepted, but my answer will be according to my faith in the all knowing and omnipresent God who sees all that happens in creation. 

My answer is according to my finite understanding of the Infinite.

If darkness didn't exist, would it be possible to identify what light is?

If night time didn't follow day time, would someone be able to distinguish one from the other?

Science states, without the respite of the night, plants would be scorched from being continuously exposed to the sunlight. 

We can see a neutral answer to why darkness compliments light, and is necessary. 

Yes, I am using a simple and wholly unrelated answer, but the analogy and comparison in terms providing understanding forwards my point.

Some people have a difficult time understanding how the innocent can suffer at the hands of the wicked with many times no justice being realized. 

I know it is a convenient answer to say that the innocent will see justice, if not while on the earth – this material plane, certainly in the spiritual world where energy never dies. 

This is where hope stems from. 

This is how faith is recognized as well as rewarded.

How do I know justice is served after death? 

Consider how the memory of those good among us continues while the memory of those bad among us fades away ( or are forever vilified ). 

Consider also the lessons of the good which have reaped positive results in those who learn from the good.

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