22 March 2015

What You Don't Know You Don't Know

If only people would choose to listen more often than speak. Perhaps they would hear the manner in which the people around them are trying to love them, comfort them, hold them close and reach into their hearts to shake out the fear and darkness.

If only people were to think more highly of others prior to thinking highly of themselves. They may realize that others have more to offer than initially perceived. Do not the subjects support a king's kingdom? If the king is ignorant of the plight of his subjects, how will he enjoy the fruits of their labor if he is aloof and unconcerned?

If only those who desire to be first would realize the value in being last. Being last allows for the detours and pitfalls along the path to be made more evident.

What if people were to not act as if they knew all there is to know about any given subject? We may see less and less people with pie in their face and needing to adjust their ideas to reflect the newest realities.

I often times hear people scoff at the contents found in the Word of God. Even the phrase “the Word of God” makes some folks cringe. Consider; if the message found therein speaks to your heart, or exposes your heart, or makes sense of some of the senseless things happening in the world around you, could the words and message in scripture really have originated from the minds of men? Could so many predictions have originated from the minds of men? The attributed authors step beside their egos and give glory to God for their lives along with their projected work!

Every word of God is flawless; He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him.

- Proverbs 30: 5

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