21 March 2015

Going Greek

This life is a continuous learning experience, that is, if you are looking to learn from life.

Riding public transportation yesterday, I was near a young woman who was boasting to an acquaintance of hers about her fighting and how she has humiliated certain individuals. I could tell in her eyes when I asked if I could ask her a question that she was on guard in hearing me address her. I asked a few questions, revolving around the explanation in the purpose and reason behind the violence she glorifies. She mentioned it was about domination; exuding power over another.

This is the very pecking order we accept as normal and just when we see it performed through certain classes of people in society; the politicians, the military, the wealthy. However, when this pecking order is presented through the lower classes in society, it is portrayed as vulgar, low and unjust. The news of street violence in the inner city is portrayed in a different manner than the violence called for by politicians and committed by military personnel in faraway places.

The culture of violence is evident, but the bias is quite difficult to identify.

When reading about Greek fraternities, sororities and the ancient Greek culture of military training, of slavery, of citizenship and class distinction based on physical strength, the present cultural climate becomes clearer to identify. The bias also comes into view. The disdain for one class of people while the praise for another class of people committing the same unconscionable acts becomes apparent.

The blatant hypocrisy and duplicity screams at you from the pages of history. The repeating of ignorance and arrogant justification is noticeable, but when most are distracted and plugged into a culture they cannot objectively separate themselves from, the hypocrisy is understandable.

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