18 March 2015

You're The Reaper

Decisions we make affect us primarily, others secondarily.

The person who inflicts pain on another person doesn't realize how life functions. Believing one is free from consequence because they didn't experience a consequence does not mean a wrong goes unpunished. They do not realize the surreal manner in which life brings the return. Some say 'karma.' Others term this 'fate.' Still others, 'reaping what you sow.' We have words defining the eventual recompense for wrongs.

The internet has videos showcasing instant karma, or real-world responses to people's ill actions. 

Sure, these could be categorized as 'chance' and anomalies, but are they?

Have you ever had a memory haunt you? Maybe something said or done which didn't come back to bite you at first. You may beat yourself up because of it. For some, they remember things they 'got away with' and consider themselves lucky or ahead of the game. But is this truly so? Perhaps they are at a loss compared to the person whose conscience affects them for the wrongs they've done to others.

Yet, the point in writing this particular blog is to reflect on how personal actions also affect the initiate, not only the receiver(s).

If someone lives long enough and finds themselves reflecting on their past because their present is hindered ( old age, an injury, a life event, etc. ), herein can creep regret and reflecting on past wrongs.

But isn't the hope of forgiveness what grants peace after reflecting on past wrongs?

Isn't the desire to right the wrongs done what speaks redemption into view?

Isn't sorrow for having committed the wrongs what beckons the learning of life's lessons?

Isn't knowing that, despite your shortcomings, you're still loved by some One who rejoices at your gratitude for grace and asking for His forgiveness?


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