20 March 2015

To Life

It is evident to those who desire to see the bigger and objective picture that life has been an unfolding to the reality that there is order and there is a Designer to all we see.

Different peoples at different times, who by human nature produced religions to explain the world around them as well as explain themselves, have been pointing out the consistencies of life. This doesn't mean the message in Christ ignores them. We see these consistencies repeated elsewhere throughout time and history. Doesn't this show God to have been at work with all peoples at all times?

To establish order and direction, the culmination of this experience must have been shown through someone / some particular people.

We look at what has happened to the people who produced Yeshua in the flesh. What has become of those people, their history and their culture? Doesn't history state it was demolished and thrown to the wind? This was predicted several times in their writings. Do they boast in Yeshua? They do not. If some who were part of that culture / religion before, they as other people from various cultures Today, have converted to the faith in response to the message. Their pride is now in an encompassing message, not their pedigree.

Does Yeshua debunk or disparage the paths of other peoples? Doesn't His message speak to the sensibilities of the heart and not heritage, lineage, religion, culture, skin color, economic status, etc.?

His message transcends all of these man-made modes of the mind.

We should look at what God has done over the expanse of time, otherwise, we are blown by the wind with every new and cleverly produced argument coming up with yet another distraction to what is evident to those who seek the truth despite themselves.

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