01 April 2015

Defraud The Fraud

The further people remove themselves from a monetary system based on debt and usury, what truly is valuable will be made clearer. You and your trust-built relationships are the basis of value, not the money exchanged. Material resources are secondary and dependent on people's knowledge and talent. Is it the gold that makes a necklace valuable or the talent of fashioning the gold into something attractive?

Governments, by so-called consent or by right of monarchy, enforce their money's use by rule of law and force. Government has the first-lien position, by fact of power, regardless of their legitimacy.
Humans will be humans. Fallible humans, in positions of honor/power, need a better checking system than self-resignation. Almost universally, people are fired for incompetence, lackey activity, or misdeeds. Historical exceptions have been monarchical governments. These have also come to nothing when leadership became dishonorable and depraved.

Specie/money itself, in a simple monetary system that can be understood, could foster trust among merchants and consumers alike. Gold and silver are nominally valuable only in their narrow applications. A fiat is useful and can be equitable so long as that fiat is not defrauded ( as has happened ).

The greatest hindrance to equal weights and measures is: a) interest/usury causing inflation, and b) unbridled printing of unaccountable monies. An example of unaccountable monies: a defense budget only benefiting a small segment of the population at the cost of the many.

A misunderstood impression regarding rising prices is that some things have increased in value. What seems to be 'increased value' is actually 'inflated prices' due to the fraud of usury and debt issuance.

Money's functionality should be a simple concept. When a majority of people, who must work for money yet do not understand how their monetary system works, you have misrepresented government.

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