22 April 2015

Table For One

We all have our horizon; our limit of seeing things and understanding things. Since every person is at a different place in the journey of life, rarely do any two people see any single thing the same. I think this is because we can learn something from others. Even a king could learn something quite valuable from the lowliest of his subjects. That is, if that king is open to learning.

I think one could learn something from practically anyone, even in an unrelated conversation. You could be talking about dirt and realize something about what you've been mulling in your mind from earlier that day. It is quite interesting when this happens.

Certain gems of wisdom are not always derived from the wise. If they were, a teacher's job would never be finished. The teacher would always be needed to continually teach the student. It is when a teacher teaches the pupil how to learn that the pupil begins to learn beyond what the curriculum did not cover.

What have you learned recently?

I personally learned recently that I talk too much, repeat myself, and don't listen to who I am speaking with at times. I recently learned that my favorite topics of conversation are not universally desirable to be mentioned in public. I already knew this, but since they are topics that I like, I wasn't considering how others feel about these subjects. The historian can easily bore the sports fan, as the sports fan can easily bore the historian. I shouldn't bore or upset anyone simply because I find some topics mundane. I shouldn't arrogantly expect others to jump into my mind's world and feel comfortable.

I find myself learning the lessons of life from the most unusual of people speaking about the most unusual of topics.

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