09 April 2015

We Are All Color Blind

How do you convince the color blind that the sky is blue, the ocean is blue and nobles are called blue-bloods although the color of royalty is purple?

I was watching Casa Blanca last night, again. Such an interesting and always moving film. Never a dull moment. I also listened to Robert Ebert's commentary over the film. It adds an extension of historical insights and background information about points surrounding the actors, the production and the time that adds to the experience.

The perspective from the producers is centric, naturally. The Nazis believed they were the rightful blue-bloods. We all have our centric point of view, by default. We view the colors of the world according to how we were taught them. Our politics, our belief systems, our cultures and our closely guarded thoughts are formed and influenced by others who have gone before us. By the time a child has come to terms with the decision making process, they have a foundation formulated by others to contend with. For the folks who cannot differentiate between baby blue, teal, turquoise and indigo, they simply see 'blue.' The child who always saw the lightest shades of blue as baby blue, when they eventually see a color graph, they'll see that all blues blend from one to another. Identifying one color from another is ignoring the many hues in between.

How about the person who only sees shades of grey and no color hue? Watching that classic movie, there was no color, only shades between absolute black and absolute white. Perhaps I could better use the terms, darkness and lightness. Even the terms 'black' and 'white' do not properly address and identify the spectrum of light. Black is not equal to dark much like white not equal to light.

Such is life.

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