16 April 2015

To Infinity... And With-In

Follow me on this journey of imagination.

During my walk Today, I began to ponder things unknown. I began to imagine how big the universe may be. I began to wonder what is beyond the universe. Some theorize that the universe is continually expanding. I wonder: into what space is it expanding? How much more 'space' is the space beyond the unknown universe? Is the space beyond the universe empty, void of a gravitational pull, or is there something else ( other universes )?

Is the universe the size of a baseball in the box it comes in?

Is the universe the size of a betta fish in a one-gallon fish bowl?

Is the universe the size of a plankter in the pacific ocean?

Is the space outside our unknown universe never ending?

Scientists and engineers have measured things which can be measured. However, going now in the opposite direction into the molecular and quantum level, how small does 'small' get? Here too, man must develop theories to ponder the thought process of the unknown with-in, as has been done considering what is with-out. Man cannot see what is within the energy, same as man cannot fathom what is about the so-called 'dark' energy.

Imagine now, if you can, an existence where there are no ends.

Imagine if the journey with-in doesn't come to a stop, as neither the journey with-out is seemingly endless.

I recall learning in cosmology the fact that neutrinos travel through the earth as they journey from the sun through outer space. At this very moment, billions of neutrinos are passing through your body.  However, we cannot see nor feel the violation of our space by these shameless subatomic particles.

It is not easy speaking of the unknown. It is a challenge to ponder the invisible.

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