06 April 2015

She Asked Me A Question

Yesterday a lady asked me if I believed in Easter.

She wondered what “I” was doing since I had stopped to talk to her. She had called out to me earlier as I was crossing the street. I faintly heard her say “where can I get one of those...”

I looked at her from across the street. She was barefoot, pacing back and forth, speaking briefly to people.

My heart went out to her. I saw her get into a car and I wondered if she was capable of driving. I made my way towards her, crossing the street. I saw her again pacing back and forth. I asked if she was okay and needing help. She seemed coherent, but then seemed confused. Now she had a can of bug spray in her hand. I asked if she was using that to get high. She denied it, putting it down and then said she couldn't remember if she had used it. She now had open-toe heels on. Her toes were long and crowding over each other. Her attire was clean, but her finger nails looked dirty.

She walked away, turned around and told me I better get away from her. She then asked me what I wanted. I said I came over to her because she looked confused and I was worried for her, especially after noticing she may get behind the wheel.

This was when she asked me if I believed in Easter. I responded that I believe in Christ. She asked what Christ means to me. I said due to His rising after death, that event gives me hope that life doesn't end at death, but continues. His rising from the dead gives me hope.

She walked away, warned me again, got in her car and drove away.

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