28 April 2015

When Violence Is Justified

When is violence justified?  Never.

It is quite interesting to see how people quickly become polarized when troubling times arise. Some people resort to tribal mentality. Other people keep their senses and honor before them. Folks begin to identify with peer groups, with people of like interests or like views. People you would otherwise not notice on the street are somehow now your enemy. The divisions come to the forefront when troubling times arise. And when people begin to align themselves with others according to skin tone, heritage, economic status and religion, then is society's fragility revealed. Then we really see what is going on inside of people by what they do, besides what they say. Then do we see the past sins of both individuals and a culture come to the forefront and open the previously believed-to-be healed wounds.

Whether it is international warfare, domestic civil injustice, class inequality or differing belief systems, the demons seem to run amok when people's sensibilities are challenged.

So why isn't violence ever justifiable? Has the domestic violence victim 'learned' their lesson after being battered by an abuser? Has the supposed criminal 'learned' their lesson after having their skull shattered prior to a court hearing? Has the country 'learned' their lesson after being carpet bombed from border to border for their political indifference? Has the convicted murderer 'learned' their lesson after they are executed by the state? Has the aborted unborn child 'learned' their lesson after being vacuumed from the womb?

If the answer is an obvious NO to the preceding questions, why would one suppose the ones committing the violent acts are somehow justified?

People need a love doctor. Perhaps if true love was taught and expressed, both sides of the question would realize their blindness to identifying what love really is.

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